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Posted on 11/19/2019
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November 19, 2019 Thanksgiving Dismissal Thanksgiving Food Drive & Pajama Day w/ suggested FOOD LISTING Holiday Service Project: Spread Holiday Cheer! Bagel Day Family Dance Night Directory & Dues Girl Scout Bake Sale Drama Audition THIS Friday Book Cover Contest/Book Fair Winter Chess Friends of Music Concert November 15, 2019 Next Friday, November 22nd,  is our first Family Fun Day when we mix up all the students into school "families". For a portion of the afternoon, we'll practice making new friends and work on cooperation and problem-solving. For our first Fun Day, students can bring anything they wish to play with to school. The only restrictions: they must bring toys and these toys may NOT require batteries or electricity. No devices. Students can bring in their favorite toys: board games, dolls, Legos, blocks, trucks, cars, racetracks, playing cards, empty cardboard boxes, markers, jigsaw puzzles, social games (charades, Pictionary, etc.)

School Photo retakes are TUESDAY Bagel Day November 12, 2019 We will go outside for recess unless there is snow or ice on the blacktop. We will stay inside if it's raining or below 32 degrees. With the cold weather coming,  please send your child to school with a warm coat, hat, and mittens. Check the lost and found for any lost items. Thanksgiving Dismissal Thanksgiving Food Drive & Pajama Day w/ suggested FOOD LISTING Travell Art Club Auction donations Directory Orders Book Fair and Book Cover contest Drama Club Recycling Program Mini New Players Softball Pre-Winter Workouts 2020 RBSA registration Ridgewood Rebels Basketball Biddy Basketball Ridgewood Wrestling Historic House Tour Coat Drive November 5, 2019 A message from Dr. Leininger: Changes in PE staffing Thanksgiving food drive & pajama day Ridgewood Youth Ice Hockey RHS Band Poinsettia Sale Drama Club November 1, 2019
Travell Spirit Wear Information and Link
October 31, 2019
We're hoping for a window of time when it isn't raining this afternoon.  We plan to have our parade outdoors if the weather cooperates but if rain should arrive at 2:30pm, we will have the parade indoors.  
October 30, 2019
Running Club is cancelled tomorrow because of predicted rain and wind.
Halloween Candy:  
Please send to Travell your extra Halloween candy for our US Military Service men and women who are currently serving abroad by Tuesday, November 5.  The candy will be shipped by Amara Dental Associates to them.  Thank you!!
October 29, 2019

Media and technology are at the center of our children’s lives. As a parent and an educator, I worry about how our children will navigate this world that is so different from our own experiences. From a young age, children are attracted to cellphones, iPads, laptops and chrome books. We need to be sure to monitor what they see and the amount of time they spend on line. As parents, we have a lot to learn about how to support our children who are growing up in this world of technology. 
 Remember, the phone, Ipad, and laptop are yours. You are paying for it.
 Limit the amount of time your child can spend on line.
 Read your child’s texts and/or email regularly.
 Don’t allow your children to be on social media site
or apps unless they are of age. Most website and apps, such as TikTok are intended for users age 13 and over. Please do not allow a child under the age of 13 to use the app.
 Have open conversations about the use of technology and social media behavior. 
 Set the example of how to balance the use of technology. 
 Make a Family Media Agreement 
There are many wonderful resources to help all of us as we try to keep up with our children’s knowledge of technology. Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for parents. Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. You can check out their website and follow them on Twitter@CommonSense. I highly recommend that you take a look and bookmark the page. Let’s work together to keep our children safe and having fun. 
Thank you.
Margy Leininger 
Halloween Parade letter
SCRIP gift cards

Tanglewood Marionettes
Election Day Run
Table to Table donations
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Travell Spirit Wear
Recycling program
Toiletries for charity
Lacrosse Fundraiser
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LWV presentation
October 23, 2019

Take extra care picking up your students at 3 pm today.  There was a car accident involving a downed utility pole.  Expect a lot more traffic on Bogert and Fairfield Avenues during dismissal time due to them diverting traffic away from the accident.
Drama Club
Halloween Parade letter
October 22, 2019
Please remember to always bring your driver's license when visiting Travell to scan for entry. 
Last call for gently used shoes!  
International Expo Meeting
New Directory
Bagel Day on FRIDAY
We need Bakers!
Yearbook Photos
Box Tops

Forum Flyer
SSA Thanksgiving Drive
Phonathon fundraiser
Ridgewood Hoops
 October 18, 2019
Travell's Adult Social tomorrow!!
FALL Running Club for grades K-5
Pumpkin Painting
October 15, 2019

  • Fairfield Avenue Parking reminders:
  • DO NOT double park at any time. It is extremely dangerous for children to walk between parked cars.
  • Please, no U-turns on Fairfield
  • Stopping or standing is prohibited on the west side of Fairfield and may NOT be used as a drop-off.
  • Let's do our best to keep our children safe. Thank you.

Halloween Parade letter
No Cooking Tonight! Let Catchy Make Your Family's Dinner

Discover GAP Years
SAT/ACT Mock Test

October 11, 2019
Catchy Fundraiser on 10-15
October 10, 2019 
Halloween Parade letter
From the Health Office: The cold weather is here! These are the health issues we have seen at school this week. If your child complains of not feeling well, please keep these symptoms in mind and see your doctor if you have any concerns:

Stomach virus: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue

Strep Throat: sore throat that usually comes on quickly, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands in neck, swollen tonsils, red spots at the back of the throat, body aches, difficulty swallowing

As a reminder, students who have had an episode of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea must remain out of school for at least 24 hours after the last episode without medication (such as Tylenol or Motrin). These ailments are very contagious.   

By working together, we can help to prevent the spread of infection at school. If you have any concerns, always feel free to contact me in the health office by phone or by email. 

Adult Fall Social
Bagel Day
International Expo meeting
General HSA meeting
HSA 2019-20 Proposed Budget
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Youth Girls Soccer Clinic
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Mallory's Army
Marching Band Day
New Players Trunk or Treat 
New Players : She Kills Monsters production
College Club author visit
October 1, 2019
A message from Dr. Leininger: Being in school every day means your child won’t miss out on learning. Try to schedule appointments and family vacations outside of school hours. If she asked to stay home “just because” remind her of what she’ll miss such as art class or STEAM projects. Explain that she can only stay home if she’s really sick. If school refusal becomes an issue be sure to let our guidance counselor know and we can work together to make coming to school easier.
Travell donated  $99.39 for the coin relief drive assisting hurricane Dorian victims.

Please read Dr. Leininger's letter regarding the HALLOWEEN PARADE.
School news:
Adult Social
Bake Sale - volunteers needed
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Girl Scouts Campfire
Community news:
REF phone-a-thon
Soles 4 Souls
Toiletries for charity
Table to Table
Girls Youth Soccer Clinic
RHS Lacrosse Pillow Sale
Ridgewood Fire Dept. OPEN HOUSE 
September 26, 2019

From the Health Office:We have had incidence of the following here at school:
1. Coxsackie Virus (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease)
Watch out for these symptoms and see your doctor if you have any concerns:
Fever, sore throat, feeling of being unwell (malaise), painful, red blisters on the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks, a red rash without itching on the palms, soles, or sometimes elsewhere, loss of appetite.
2. Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Students may return to school after they have received at least 24 hours of antibiotic eye drops AND symptoms have resolved.
Please notify the nurse of any cases of these so we can track the spread of illness. September 25, 2019
A message from Dr. Leininger:
Travell donated  $99.39 for the coin relief drive assisting hurricane Dorian victims.
The movie ANGST will be presented today.  Please review attached flyer for details.

September 24, 2019
School news:
A Note from the Travell Library Media Center…
School Photo Day
Men's Basketball
Girl Scout Campfire
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Auction Planning Meeting
Yearbook Photos Email Address
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Junior New Players
Celebrate Ridgewood: Secret Garden Tour
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September 17, 2019
Travell School Guidance Counselor
From the Health Office: Please submit any missing medication or asthma/allergy forms to the health office as soon as possible!  (Please do not send medication in with students.) We have already had incidence of strep throat in school. If your child complains of nausea, stomachache, or sore throat, please pay close attention. If you have any concerns at all, please see your physician. Report any positive strep tests to the nurse. Flip-flops or shoes without backs are not permitted to be worn in school for safety reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.

School news: THE CIRCUS IS COMING!! Safety Corner Photo Day Men's basketball Adult social Recycling markers Toiletries for charity Community news: Angst screening American Red Cross coin drive Soles 4 Souls Celebrate Ridgewood Travel Baseball Try Outs Teen Vaping Lacrosse Fundraiser September 10, 2019 Messages from Dr. Leininger: Supporting your child’s education at home is important. Ask your child what they brought home. Take a look at some of the completed work to get an idea of how she’s doing. Ask about the best part of the day, the coolest thing that happened, or how were you helpful or kind today? The Ridgewood Public Schools are coming together to raise money to support The American Red Cross' Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. We will be sponsoring a coin drive from September 11 until Friday, September 20th. There will be a bin in the main office for anyone donating coins. All the schools are working together to help and support those in need. Thank you

School news:
Join Girl Scouts 
Photo Day
Recycle Markers
School Assembly
HSA's Back to School Picnic this FRIDAY
Box Tops
Community news:
Friends of Music competition
Little Ivy Academy programs
Chess Club
September 3, 2019
School news:
School Picture Day...Save the Date
Back to School Picnic
Girl Scout information
Volunteers needed!
August 27, 2019 
A message from Dr. Leininger:
The Parent Welcome letter is attached.
Please read the information in the 1st Day of School packet.
School news:
Reminder: 1st & 2nd Grade Spring Concert: April 11 @ 2:15
We are so excited to share all that we've been learning in music class! Please send your child to school on 4/11 wearing something nice, but comfortable - like picture day. We look forward to seeing you all there!
Mayfair is Coming Up Saturday, May 18th!
COME TO THE TRAVELL LIBRARY THIS SUMMER! For the first time, we are opening the Travell Library during the summer.  See the letter below for details:
COME TO THE TRAVELL LIBRARY THIS SUMMER! For the first time, we are opening the Travell Library during the summer.  See the letter below for details:

COME TO THE TRAVELL LIBRARY THIS SUMMER! For the first time, we are opening the Travell Library during the summer.  See the letter below for details: